Agricultural OilAgricultural Oil For Cornwall


Agricultural OilSemmens Oil Supplies have been supplying Agricultural Oil & Road Derv to the agricultural industry for more than ten years and understand the importance of a super fast delivery service to our customers in the farming community.We strive to ensure our customers’ receive the best possible service, with most customers receiving there Agricultural Oil the next working day.

To compliment our first class delivery service we have now introduced a Lubricants division, allowing us to provide our customers with high quality engine oils, hydraulic oils etc to meet the ever increasing demands of the latest agricultural machinery. We also provide a wide range of Bunded Oil Tanks and Fuel Banks to meet the latest Environmental Regulations.

Standard Gas Agricultural Oil

Standard gas oil is a quality fuel for diesel engines.

Ultimate Diesel – Tractor

Semmens Oil Supplies have been developing a premium fuel to improve the performance of Gas Agricultural Oil. The latest off road vehicles have been developed on European off road diesel – which is closer in quality to our DERV (BS EN 590). UK Gas Oil has lower cetane number and no lubricity specification compared to Derv.

The latest engine technology appears to have been pushed to meet lower emission limits. Such changes regularly puts stress on fuel quality – and some customers have reported that the latest engines can run rough on Gas Agricultural Oil. Our Ultimate Diesel improves pulling power; easier starting, smoother running and better protection; lowers fuel consumption, reduces emissions; reduces sludge, fuel contamination and water problems.

Agricultural Oil