Top-Up SchemeDoes the thought of running out of oil in the winter give you the shivers?


Top Up SchemeUnfortunately it does happen from time to time, usually when you are at your busiest. Semmens Oil Supplies can take that worry away from you, with our top up scheme.

More and more of our customers are joining our top up scheme, to ensure they never run out of oil again.

Not only does running out of oil cause a massive inconvenience for you and your family, it can also cause problems for your heating appliance.

How Does Our Top Up Scheme Work?

Our top up scheme works by us taking information from our customers and calculating a rough usage per year.We then come out automatically at certain intervals throughout the year and fill your tank.

The only thing that we ask our customers to do is keep an eye on the tank and let us know if their usage has changed in anyway.

We do not charge any extra for this service, our customers only pay for the oil that they have had delivered.

Why not join our Top up Scheme today and help save the environment at the same time.

Also available is our new Ultimate Range of heating oils. Ultimate Heat is designed as a more efficient and environmentally friendly oil. For more information download our Ultimate Heat Leaflet.

Top-Up Scheme